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Welcome to my website. 

I suppose you could call me a dabbler in the art world.  I love to explore and try out techniques taught to me by teachers, other artists, and, yes, the great masters one can see in galleries, museums, and on-line.  

When you enter into my gallery, you will see the different media I have learned.  I present my art here mainly for others to see and enjoy.  I also present this to myself as in creating this website I needed to discipline myself to organize and gather together the things I have done.  Time has a way of slipping by.  And as one multitasks throughout our lives, we, at least I do, tend to forget where we've been and what we have done.


I didn't really give myself permission to do artwork until about 15 years ago.  Thanks to a great many other artists  that I have encountered, I have learned from them and I am grateful for their inspiration and the chance to explore and play in their world before . . . well before too much time has passed.




My website is still a work in progress.  You will notice that I do not have any links to social media.  I'm one of those low key individuals who is comfortable letting that platform go by. The pace I have settled on seems to be comfortable and balanced for me now.   Anyway, I still have a closet full of paintings I have not photographed.  There will be more to come.

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